From the Desk of Chairman

Family Office concept had its golden roots in the early Royal Families when a person designated as majordomo was given tasks to manage royal families’ affairs, including wealth. The unique needs of the wealthy families in this fashion initiated the idea. There are multiple issues and challenges faced by different rich families in the 21st century. The members of these affluent families are busy with complex lives and day-to-day affairs. Each family has its own policies and strategies concerning investment, asset allocation, reporting etc.

At Value Plus, we provide fully customized and highly professional consultancy on crucial family affairs including wealth. We understand your family values, mission and objectives, develop strategies accordingly and execute them in a way that in turn ensures lifetime happiness of your family and long term viability of your business. Our valuable expertise forms trust, long-term commitment and research based approach that help grow your wealth and legacy. It’s because of our long-term commitment and dedication, your family will be able to experience prosperous journey.

Therefore, at Value Plus, managing the portfolios of wealthy families is not only our specialization but also our passion to excel. We strive to build the confidence that, if something happens to you, there will be someone who will nurture your family and manage your wealth strongly through the transition for future generation.

Thus, we work to be the key to your growth, safety and happiness.